GoBD, or creation of process documentation

We create your procedural documentation. Individually according to the needs of your company. Fast and professional.

Technology consulting

Using the right technology is more important today. Basically, flexibility is extremely important. Our focus is on the objective and neutral advice of the used or new technologies.

IT Security Consulting

Do you consider using your technology in terms of safety? In other words, you are not sure if your business is properly secured. We conduct an audit of your business and tell you in simple terms if and why you should do something. Regardless of your provider or the security solution used.

External data protection officer according to EU GDPR

We provide you with a data protection officer according to the current legislation.

Information Security Officer (ISO), resp.
IT security officer according to ISO 27001 and IT-Grundschutz

As your IT security officer we implement the protection of important business processes and sensitive information. These are today critical success factors for the long-term competitiveness and survivability of your company. Modern information security management meets this challenge. We build with you an information security management system (ISMS) that goes beyond the classic approach of IT security. Here, technical, organizational, personnel and infrastructural aspects are considered.

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), resp.
Information Security Manager

As Chief Information Security Officer, we assume overall responsibility for information security in your company.

Here are the following tasks in focus:

  • Establishment of an information security management system (ISMS)
  • Development of protection goals for the mission-critical values ​​(assets), their threats and their risks and the security goals derived from the IS strategy.
  • Implementation of risk assessments and business impact analyzes
  • Establishment and operation of an organizational unit for implementing the security objectives derived from the IS strategy
  • Elaboration, adaptation of security guidelines and security specifications
  • Auditing of the functional units on the state of implementation and further development of the safety regulations
  • Create employee awareness of information security through training and campaigns
  • Establish information security policies, objectives, and goals
  • Conducting training and awareness campaigns on information security
  • Ensuring compliance with data protection regulations
  • Management of security-relevant business processes
  • Continuous analysis and optimization of information security in the company
  • Coordination with and establishment of information security among the stakeholders and the management